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Born Jean Cauvin in Noyon, Picardy, France, John Calvin was only a boy when Martin Luther first raised his challenge concerning indulgences. Calvin was enrolled at the age of 14 at the University of Paris, where he received preliminary training in theology and became an elegant Latinist. However, mostrar más following the dictates of his father, he left Paris at the age of 19 and went to study law, first at Orleans, then at Bourges, in both of which centers the ideas of Luther were already creating a stir. On his father's death, Calvin returned to Paris, began to study Greek, the language of the New Testament, and decided to devote his life to scholarship. In 1532 he published a commentary on Seneca's De Clementia, but the following year, after experiencing what was considered a sudden conversion, he was forced to flee Paris for his religious views. The next year was given to the study of Hebrew in Basel and to writing the first version of his famous Institutes of the Christian Religion, which he gave to the printer in 1535. The rest of his life-except for a forced exile of three years-he spent in Geneva, where he became chief pastor, without ever being ordained. When he died, the city was solidly on his side, having almost become what one critic called a "theocracy." By then the fourth and much-revised edition of his Institutes had been published in Latin and French, commentaries had appeared on almost the whole Bible, treatises had been written on the Lord's Supper, on the Anabaptists, and on secret Protestants under persecution in France. Thousands of refugees had come to Geneva, and the city-energized by religious fervor-had found room and work for them. Though Calvin was sometimes bitter in his denunciation of those who disagreed with him, intolerant of other points of view, and absolutely sure he was right on the matter of predestination, he was nonetheless one of the great expounders of the faith. From his work the Reformed tradition had its genesis, and from his genius continues to refresh itself. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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A Reformation Debate (1966) 539 copias
Genesis (1965) 476 copias
Sermons on Ephesians (1973) 310 copias
John (1994) 264 copias
Theological Treatises (1867) 236 copias
On God and Political Duty (1950) 212 copias
Sermons From Job (1952) 199 copias
Instruction in Faith (1537) (1537) 165 copias
Sermons on Galatians (1995) 163 copias
Hebrews and I and II Peter (1960) 160 copias
Biblical Christianity (1982) 155 copias
Sermons on the Beatitudes (2006) 151 copias
The Secret Providence of God (1905) 150 copias
Sermons on Genesis1:11 (2009) 117 copias
Sermons On Titus (2015) 97 copias
Commentary on The Psalms (1773) 89 copias
Songs Of The Nativity (2008) 84 copias
Ezekiel I (1880) 80 copias
Daniel I (Chapters 1-6) (1853) 76 copias
The Mystery of Godliness (1950) 71 copias
Sermons on 1 Timothy (2018) 70 copias
Concerning scandals (1978) 70 copias
The Christian Life (1984) 59 copias
Faith Unfeigned (2010) 58 copias
Sermons on Psalm 119 (1996) 56 copias
Sermons on 2 Timothy (2018) 55 copias
A Treatise on Relics (2000) 39 copias
The Best of John Calvin (1981) 37 copias
Thine Is My Heart (1958) 27 copias
John (Volume 5) 26 copias
Devotions and Prayers of John Calvin (1954) — Autor — 22 copias
Calvin on Self-Denial (2013) 21 copias
Of Prayer (2007) 14 copias
The Doctrine of Election (2022) 13 copias
Oeuvres (1905) 13 copias
Justification By Faith (2018) 9 copias
On the Christian Faith (1957) — Autor — 8 copias
Oeuvres choisies (1995) 7 copias
Three French treatises (1970) 6 copias
Calvin on the Mediator (2013) 6 copias
Commentary on Ephesians (2004) 4 copias
Comentario Sobre Jonás (2007) 4 copias
Commentary on Exodus (2013) 4 copias
JOÃO CALVINO (2017) 4 copias
De handzame Calvijn (2004) 3 copias
Commentary on Leviticus (2013) 3 copias
Cartas De Joao Calvino (2000) 3 copias
Sulle reliquie (2010) 3 copias
Sermons 2 copias
Calvino 2 copias
Trois libelles anonymes (2006) 2 copias
DANIEL 2 copias
Sermones sobre Efesios (2011) 2 copias
James (2019) 2 copias
Commentary on Deuteronomy (2013) 2 copias
John Calvin's Tracts and Treatises 3 Volumes (1958) — Autor — 2 copias
Psychopannychia (2013) 2 copias
De Christelijke Vrijheid (2013) 2 copias
Commentary on Jude (2012) 2 copias
John Calvin's Tracts and Treatises 3 Volumes (1958) — Autor — 1 copia
Providence 1 copia
On the Christian Faith (2015) 1 copia
Hosea 1 copia
Letters of John Calvin — Autor — 1 copia
Calvino: Una Antologia (1971) 1 copia
Hiob 1 copia
Faith (2019) 1 copia
John 12-21 1 copia

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Comentario de la carta a los Hebreos por Juan Calvino, publicado en su primera edición en inglés por John Owen en 1853
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