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Marie Benedict is a well established lawyer at two of the country's premier law firms. She graduated magna cum laude from Boston College with a focus on Art History and History. She is also a cum laude graduate of Boston University School of Law. Marie had a passion for unearthing the hidden mostrar más historical stories of women. She followed this passion and began her writing career. Her first historical novel was "The Other Einstein", which recounts the story of Albert Einstein's first wife, a physicist, and the role she may have played in his theories.The other novels in this series include Carnegie's Maid, and The Only Woman in the Room. She also writes historical novels as Heather Terrell. Those titles include: The Chrysalis, The Map Thief, and Brigid of Kildare. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

Incluye los nombres: Heather Terrel, Heather Terrell

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(eng) Marie Benedict is a pseudonym of: Heather Terrell


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The Personal Librarian (2021) 2,646 copias, 130 reseñas
The Other Einstein (2016) 1,420 copias, 90 reseñas
The Only Woman in the Room (2019) 1,370 copias, 82 reseñas
The Mystery of Mrs. Christie (2021) 960 copias, 46 reseñas
Carnegie's Maid (2018) 940 copias, 64 reseñas
Lady Clementine (2020) 557 copias, 40 reseñas
The First Ladies (2023) 455 copias, 18 reseñas
Her Hidden Genius (2022) 346 copias, 14 reseñas
The Mitford Affair (2023) 256 copias, 11 reseñas
Fallen Angel (2010) 203 copias, 18 reseñas
Brigid of Kildare (2010) 158 copias, 5 reseñas
Relic (2013) 117 copias, 7 reseñas
The Map Thief (2008) 113 copias, 13 reseñas
The Chrysalis (2007) 102 copias, 2 reseñas
Agent 355 (2020) 99 copias, 5 reseñas
Eternity (2011) 63 copias, 3 reseñas
Smoke Signal: A Novella (2021) 23 copias, 2 reseñas
Boundary (2014) 14 copias

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Terrell, Heather
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Terrell, Heather
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Pittsburg, Pennysylvania, USA
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Marie Benedict is a pseudonym of: Heather Terrell



When I read historical fiction, I always wonder what is truth and what is fiction. But Marie Benedict doesn't make this clear in her Notes or Acknowledgment at the end of THE MYSTERY OF MRS. CHRISTIE. So this is all I know: Agatha Christie really did disappear for a few days and then suddenly show up with no explanation, she really did surf, and she did not really write the "manuscript" alluded to throughout this book.

In the chapters that make up half the book are the supposed manuscript that Christie left for her philandering husband. The main emphasis is on the duty Christie felt she owed her husband. Remember, this book takes place during the 1920s, when many felt that the proper role of wives was to subjugate themselves to their husbands.

Until nearly the end, every other chapter is Christie's manuscript. Probably that is fiction. The other chapters take place during the disappearance and the hunt for her. This is when we hear about the husband's woes, and this too, I presume, is fiction. But Benedict says she did so much research for this book, some of this must be nonfiction.

My favorite parts of THE MYSTERY OF MRS. CHRISTIE are the last chapters, which are not her manuscript but just Christie speaking in first person. In the end, this book is both imaginative, after all, and enjoyable.
… (más)
techeditor | 45 reseñas más. | Jul 14, 2024 |
I was looking forward to reading this story with brave, unconventional women and reference to a true figure from history. Unfortunately I found it an awkward read, the flow just not working well. Components of the story competed against each other instead of enhancing the narrative. The POV character came off as needy more than brave. Aviation was more of a background, and Amelia Earhart as a character was barely developed. For a story that featured groundbreaking aviators, there was a lack of emphasis on their courage and skill, and the dangers and problems they faced.… (más)
AngelaJMaher | Jun 24, 2024 |
Einstein…I don’t much like him right now…and it’s probably not his fault, but Marie Benedict did a great job making me feel this way!

This story is based on research, letters between Albert and his first wife and much speculation in the physic world, as well as a good imagination. I thoroughly enjoyed it and now I wonder too…
snewell2 | 89 reseñas más. | Jun 24, 2024 |
This author duo is one to follow…this is their second historical fiction collaboration and both books were AMAZING!!

The First Ladies is about Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune. Their friendship and working partnership should give us all pause…Anything can be accomplished; even when it takes small steps forward, large ones back and a few more forward. They worked hand in hand to change the landscape of politics in this country and to change the rights of African Americans in this country…both almost impossible feats to consider at the time and yet so desperately needed. I highly recommend this book and I will be on the lookout for any other books they may team on in the future!… (más)
snewell2 | 17 reseñas más. | Jun 24, 2024 |



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